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Category: Men Seeking Women
Age: 25

I have a fantasy. I've always wanted to be brought to a girls' dorm room, her roommate gone, for some fun. When I was in college, I never dated anyone who lived in a dorm. And now I'm here, fantasy unfufilled. Maybe you could help me? Sex not required (in fact, probably would rather not, but down for some making out/touching).

I'm a nice guy, I'm friendly, a good kisser, and I'll respect you. For example, I won't come into your dorm room, trample stuff, mess things up, and steal. Plus I'm kind of good looking and can hold a conversation. I suspect you will be younger than me, perhaps much younger. That's okay. If you're in a college dorm room, you're probably old enough, haha.

And if your roommate is there and cool with it, that's okay too.

Let me know if you're interested and/or have questions!